video producer | made possible by schoology

This content was a cross-department collaboration with a colleague on the Sales team to create a video highlighting some of Schoology's amazing users and advocates. The video was shot over one afternoon at a national trade show. Between the two of us working on the project, we completed nine interviews and obtained several hours of content.

I was responsible for the overall video execution including creating the brief, sourcing /coordinating the interviews, liaising with the videographer, managing the budget, coordinating releases and communication with the interviewees, and recommending/approving edits.  The final product has been used and repurposed in a variety of sales and marketing campaigns.

This was one of my favorite projects to work on at Schoology. It's an authentic reflection of the kind of community you can cultivate when you build a great product. It was a total blast to make and I think you can see how much fun we had with it.